Stop Ruining Your Phone With a Bad Case

The market for Mobile cases is colossal. Waterproof cases, cowhide cases, silicon cases, stick-on screen defenders, reinforced glass screen defenders. Enough. It’s an ideal opportunity to lose your cover for good, and let your telephone wander indiscriminately, naked, as nature planned.

There are the same number of motivations to hurl your case in the refuse as there are grains of sand on an appalling, pompous, costly shoreline. So allows simply run with the huge three:

It’s Unnatural

In the first place, your mobile wasn’t intended to be concealed. Sir I’ve didn’t sit in his extravagant little Apple office, slaving over a planning phase for you to enclose it by a dreadful false cowhide folio case that you found on Amazon for $20. Neither did the poor jerk who put over the most recent three years crapping out a hundred million HTC handsets. Or on the other hand Samsung or Moto or whatever other architect who gives a solitary damn.

No, they spent those hours slaving with the goal that your phone looks excellent, so you’d be glad each time you removed it from your pocket. So, why don’t you try CASES OF MOBILE ATHENS (ΘΗΚΕΣ ΚΙΝΗΤΩΝ ΑΘΗΝΑ) The iPhone 4, specifically, is an outline symbol. The same is valid for a lot of different gadgets. The main exemption I may will to make is for a battery case, in light of the fact that in any event that is apparently pragmatic. On the other hand, it’s additionally twofold revolting.

Putting a case on your telephone is similar to painting your Ferrari with rust-sealing paint, at that point enclosing it by burlap. Without a doubt, you’re less inclined to scratch it. Yet, you darken each lovely detail of the bodywork. “It’s sensible,” you say. Falsehoods. It’s not more sensible. It nullifies the purpose of planning the telephone in any case.

It’s Not Worth It

Approve, so yes, your telephone should be seen. Be that as it may, then again: It’s not a show-stopper. Definitely, it might have fetched you a couple of hundred dollars. What’s more, truly, that is a great deal of money. In any case, let be honest you will overhaul when your two-year contract is up. Your telephone can just grow such huge numbers of minor scratches in that timeframe. Stressed over the resale esteem? Regardless of whether you need to offer your (once more, multi year old) somewhat scratched telephone for $40 short of what you would a mint model, well, that is the amount you’d have spent on a case in any case.

In case you’re a genuine killjoy, the cash you spare by not purchasing a case go towards guaranteeing your telephone on the off chance that you drop it on landing area or it gets stolen. You can even go so far as to keep it in a pocket in which you don’t have keys or spare change. In any case, recall that a couple of thumps en route include the character. Those little scratches will help you to remember things that really occur in your life. I have a ding in mine from when I strolled into a divider alcoholic. That was a goodbye. I like that it helps me to remember it.

Be that as it may, at that point, possibly things don’t really occur in your life, given you invest so much energy stressing over securing your damn telephone.

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